World War II

ETHS Content Essays, Primary Sources and Student Activities

Camp Forrest and Camp Tyson

Key Words:  Camp Forrest. Camp Tyson, Prisoners of War

Cordell Hull

Key Words: Cordell Hull, United Nations, Nobel Peace Prize

Cornelia Fort and the Changing Roles of Women during World War II

Key Words: Cornelia Fort, Pearl Harbor, Women Air Service Pilots (WASPS), Avco, Rosie the Riveter, jobs for women

Oak Ridge and the Manhattan Project

Key Words: Oak Ridge, Clinton Engineering Works, Manhattan Project, Atomic bomb


World War II Additional Resources

World War II Activities

Iwo Jima Lesson Plans
Rosie the Riveter Activity
Smithsonian Lesson Plan: World War II Homefront

World War II Web Links

TVA and World War II

This website was developed by TVA and has great resources including images and interviews for teaching about TVA’s role in WWII.

Youtube: Cornelia Fort

Link to a video about Cornelia Fort produced by Nashville Public Television

Manhattan Project Voices

This site has a searchable database of oral history interviews with men and women who worked in Oak Ridge on the Manhattan Project

C-Span Video

Video from C-Span on Oak Ridge and the Manhattan project

Y-12 Video Library

Link to Y-12’s video library.  Excellent videos from A Nuclear Family Series especially Episode 2: The Manhattan District

History of Y-12

Link to website on the History of Y-12.  There are videos, pamphlets and other primary source material that you can view or download

Facing History

Excellent lessons  on the Holocaust and how it relates to students’ lives today.

Harry Truman Dropping the Atomic Bomb Announcment Lesson Plan

FDR and World War II Curriculum Guides with DBQ's

World War II ETHS Articles

Cornelia Fort and the Changing Roles of Women during World War II

Byrd, Rebecca. “Supporting and Tempering Distant Forces: The World War II Experience of Chestnut Hill, Tennessee.” The Journal of East Tennessee History 85 (2013): 70-89.

Oak Ridge and the Manhattan Project

Bissell, A.K. “A Reminiscence of Oak Ridge.” The East Tennessee Historical Society’s Publications 39 (1967): 71-86.

Hunter, Edna Best. “ ‘I Worked at Oak Ridge’: An Early Narrative of Life in the Secret City.” The Journal of East Tennessee History 78 (2006): 73-83.

Prince, R.P. and A. Milton Stanley. “What Does ‘K-25’ Stand For?: Deciphering the Origins of the Manhattan Project Code Names in Oak Ridge.” The Journal of East Tennessee History 72 (2000): 82-86.