Welcome Tennessee teachers and students to the East Tennessee Historical Society's (ETHS) education website. We will no longer be updating this website, but the material will remain available for teachers and students. For more informatation about current education programs at ETHS please see the Education page of the ETHS website


ETHS was fortunate to partner with 11 school systems and the University of Tennessee's Department of History from 2003-2014 on three Teaching American History Grants funded through the U.S. Department of Education. A continuing partnership with Humanities Tennessee allowed ETHS to revise the website, now www.teachTNHistory.org,  The website continues to be maintained by the East Tennessee Historical Society to meet the needs of teachers and students throughout Tennessee.

ETHS Mission Statement

The mission of the East Tennessee Historical Society is to preserve, interpret, and promote the history of Tennessee, focusing on East Tennessee, in order to educate and connect the region, its people, history, culture, and heritage. TeachTNHistory.org serves this mission by providing Tennessee teachers with high-quality curriculum materials so that they can bring Tennessee history to life in their classrooms.

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