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Introductory Essay





The 19th Amendment: The Struggle for Woman Suffrage

The War of the Roses: The Ratification of the 19th Amendment in Tennessee

"Don't forget to be a Good Boy": Harry T. Burn's letter from Mom and the Ratification of the 19th Amendment in Tennessee 

Anne Dallas Dudley: Making Suffrage Fashionable


Tennessee: "The Perfect 36"

Women's Suffrage: The Road to the 19th Amendment



Did You Know?

After Tennessee ratified the 19th Amendment, Connecticut (Sept. 14, 1920), Vermont (Feb. 8, 1921), and Delaware (March 12, 1923) followed suit. The remaining states ratified the amendment many years later: Maryland (May 2, 1941); Virginia (Feb. 21, 1952); Alabama (Sept. 8, 1953); Florida (May 13, 1969); South Carolina (July 1, 1969); Georgia (Feb. 20, 1970); Louisiana (June 11, 1970); North Carolina (May 6, 1971). Mississippi, the lone dissenter, finally ratified the 19th Amendment on March 22, 1984.