The "America Republic" Manual for Teaching American History is a teacher manual written by experienced classroom teachers for new teachers. The Manual for Teaching American History is designed to correlate with the Tennessee Social Studies Curriculum and serves as a resource for new classroom teachers by providing them with key documents, people, events, and themes for each of the 10 curriculum eras, along with sample lessons, suggested readings, common questions asked by both teachers and students, and quality historical essays.

The Manual for Teaching American History will be completed by the summer of 2010. A printed copy (as well as supplementary CD copy including primary documents/images) of the Manual will be available to all "America Republic" grant participating teachers and there will be copies available in the each of the grant school district central office/resource centers. 

To view a chapter pdf. file, select a chapter below and click on the title (some files may take longer to load due to images).


The Manual for Teaching American History is co-authored by the "America Republic" Master Teachers Jeff Bird, Teri Blair, Dodd Crowe, Helen Den Uyl, Traci Freeman, Shannon Harris, Pamela Herron, Linda Hughes, Tamra Lanning, Tammie McCarroll-Burroughs, Lance McConkey, Joan McFall, Sherry Rogers, Peggy Smyth, Annette Taylor, Karen Thomas, Brian Trammell, and University of Tennessee Professor William Bruce Wheeler.

The Manual for Teaching American History is edited by Dr. William Bruce Wheeler (University of Tennessee) and William E. Hardy (University of Tennessee).

Special thanks to Carolyn Moore, Sande Riggs, and Luther Wilhelm for assistance with the project.