ETHS Artifact Cards: Set 1: Tennessee Frontier 1700-1840

Attracting Settlers of Virgina
Children of the Colony of Jamestown
Columbian Exchange Activity
Creature Picture Activity
Deerskin Trade Facts Activity
Excerpt from John Cotton's Sermon to John Winthrop
Excerpt from John Smith, A Description of New England
Excerpt from John Winthrop, "A Model of Christian Charity" (1630)
Excerpt from Journal of John Winthrop
Exploration of Virginia Primary Sources
Jamestown and Native Americans
Journey to Pennsylvania
Letter from Jamestown
Letter from Plymouth
Pennsylvania and Native Americans
Slave Trade Online Database Activity
The Mayflower Compact
Primary Source Activity: John Cotton- God's Promise to his Plantation
Primary Source Activity: John Smith - Description of New England
Primary Source Activity: John Winthrop- Model of Christian Charity
Reader's Theater: Motives for Exploration and Colonization

Exploration and Colonization Web Links

The McClung Museum

The McClung Museum’s permanent collection contains an excellent exhibit on Archeology and the Native Peoples of Tennessee.

Alabama History Notebook

Pages 4-26 contain information on culture and economy of Southeastern Native American tribes including the Cherokee, Chickasaw and Creek

Slave Voyages

This website has a searchable database of information on the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  It also has lesson plans for utilizing the site in the classroom.

Massacre at Mystic U-Tube Video

Video on the Massacre at Mystic (Please preview before using in class)

Pequot War U-Tube Video

Video on Pequot War (Please preview before using in class)