Tennessee History Highlights Workshop 2017-2018

Teaching with Objects Lesson Activities

Historical Objects Buying Guide   

Reading Objects Student Worksheet         WORD     PDF             

Teaching History with Children's Books  Lesson Plan: Unspoken and the Underground Railroad

Frontier Figures Bellringer

History Workshop Documents: Watauga

Rally the Troops: Samuel Doak, Sycamore Shoals and the Battle of King's Mountain Lesson Plan

Secession and Union in Tennessee Lesson Plan

The Great Depression in the South Lesson Plan

A Quilt for Queen Victoria: Emancipation and Colonization in Tennessee Lesson Plan

Tennessee History Highlights Workshop

History Workshop Documents: Overview

The Cherokee and British on the Tennessee Frontier Lesson Plan

                           Set 1:  Deer Trade

                           Set 2: Attakullakulla

                           Set 3: Cultural Misunderstandings

                           Set 4:  Fort Loudoun

History Workshop Documents: Secession

History Workshop Documents: Child Labor and Industrialization

Teacher Tools

ETHS Teaching Materials: These are student-friendly essays and classroom activities developed by ETHS staff.  The essays and activities are designed based on the Tennessee Social Studies Standards. The downloadable teacher packets also include primary sources and images when available.

ETHS Articles:  These are articles from ETHS publications that can be used to enrich your content knowledge and supplement textbook resources.

Additional Resources:  This page offers additional activites and links to other useful websites.

If you are looking for more general information on teaching with primary sources, please see the following: 

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    Lesson Planning with Primary Sources

Additional Resources

Teacher's Edition of Content Essays Volume 1   Exploration through the Civil War

Teacher's Edition of Content Essays Volume 2    Reconstruction through Modern Era

National History Day

Upcoming Teacher Workshops at the East Tennessee History Center

Field Trips or Outreach Programs from East Tennessee History Center

Bibliography of Children's Books for Teaching History (Colonial America to 1850s)

Bibliography of Children's Books for Teaching History (Civil War to Present)