Pillar of Fire, by Taylor Branch

Local People: The Struggle of Civil Rights in Mississippi, by John Dittmar

Church People in the Struggle: The National Council, by James Findley

The Summer that Didn't End: The Story of the Mississippi Freedom Summer, by Len Holt

Mississippi's Defiant Years: 1953-1973: An Interpretation, by Erie Johnston

Rights on Trial, by Arthur Kinoy

Freedom Song, by Mary King

Freedom Summer, by Douglass McAdams

Like a Holy Crusade: Mississippi 1994, by Nicolaus Mills

Black Votes Count, by Frank Parker

I've Got the Light of Freedom: Organizing Tradition and the Mississippi Freedom Struggle, by Charles M. Payne

Struggle, by Charles M. Payne

A Century of Struggle for Black Enfrachisement in Mississippi: From Civil War to the Congressional Challenge of 1965 and beyond, by Morton Stavis

Mississippi Challenge, by Mildred Pitts Walter