The East Tennessee Historical Society received a generous grant from Comcast that allowed ETHS to develop this East Tennessee’s Place in History: Artifact Activity Cards. The cards  will allow teachers to integrate East Tennessee history into the social studies curriculum, thus correlating the local and national stories in a beneficial way.

The cards are designed to address the social studies and language arts curriculum. Literacy is critical for not only understanding who we are and where we come from, but for communicating that understanding to others. ETHS believes strongly in the power of “Making History Personal,” and we look forward to sharing this power with you and your students.

The cards are grouped by historical era.  Each set, along with the teacher's guide, may be dowloaded by clicking on the links below.

Teacher's Guide

Tennessee Frontier 1700-1840s

Slavery, Civil War and Reconstruction 1840s-1870s

Industrialization and Progressive Era 1870s-1920s

Twentieth Century Tennessee 1900s-1960s

Reading Objects Student Worksheet

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