History students will find a number of items of interest on the Teach Tennessee History website.

Curriculum Materials by Historical Eras- In each era you will find:

ETHS Content Essays:  Click on ETHS Content Essays to find student-friendly essays and classroom activities developed by ETHS staff.  The essays and activities are designed based on the Tennessee Social Studies Standards. The downloadable teacher packets also include primary sources and images when available.

ETHS Articles:  Click on ETHS Articles to find articles from ETHS publications to enrich your content knowledge and supplement textbook resources.

Additional Resources: Click on Additional Resources to find additional activites and links to useful websites.

County History- Short histories of many East Tennessee Counties

National History Day- This page has some great resources on conducting research, writing a thesis and creating a bibliograohy

Selected Publications-  Selected articles from Tennessee Ancestor's and the Journal of East Tennessee History 

For more information on East Tennessee history,  please see The East Tennessee Historical Society website