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Interactive Posters, Reading Primary Sources, and Milestone Documents

This year, TeachingHistory.org created an interactive poster for the classroom dedicated to historical thinking. Even better, they created two versions- one for elementary and one for secondary! The secondary one also contains several Tennessee images. (Also, to note: there's also a Civil War interactive poster)

After playing around with both versions, I started to look at the links provided by each poster.

  • Primary Source Quiz, "To the Source!": This will definitely make your students think about what it takes to be a primary source. 
  • Making Sense of Maps: This is a good resource for anyone utilizing maps in the classroom. It provides several great questions, such as making a flat map out of a globe, and who made this map and why.

Be sure to check out these great resources to use in your classroom! Please post here how you use these in your classrooms.

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