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Presidential Campaign Posters

With it being an election year, it's no surprise that sites are posting election-related materials!

The Library of Congress has a slideshow of presidential campaign posters from Andrew Jackson to Barack Obama. There are also several great examples of opposition ads.

Classroom activity idea: have students examine the posters to determine whether it is a poster for or against that candidate. Students can click on "View Photo Descriptions" for more information, and to see a larger image (when available- images starting with Franklin Roosevelt are within copyright, and therefore cannot be viewed any larger without contacting the Library of Congress).

There are other great election materials to be found!

And last but not least- my winner for favorite activity while searching for Election-related classroom materials! The National Portrait Gallery published a (rather large- 66 pages!) teacher guide PDF full of information, lesson plans, worksheets, small versions of the portraits, timelines, and even a board game based around their Portraits of the Presidents gallery. The game looks like a lot of fun, and allows you to choose whether you are running for President before or after 1884. 

Please feel free to post any other election-related materials that you know of!

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