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Out of the Box Teaching Tools

At the Keynote back in October, you all requested more "out of the box" teaching tools, like the "Apologize" and "Bad Romance" videos. I created a new link on the Wiki for this, and I've broken it down by era, but also have a place for "Any" or "Other" (such as geography, world history, etc).

So far, I haven't had many opportunities to add to this list except where it fit with the workshops we were covering because 5 mini-institutes and a book study eats up a lot of time, but now that we have a lull until the next series of mini-institutes, I'll spend some time searching these out. I do want to point out the "Roosevelt Rap" that is both educational and ridiculous. I didn't make it through the entire rap- I gave up and read the lyrics. It could be an interesting lesson though, for your students to create a rap or song or poem about a person or moment in history.

This all being said, I want some input from you all. If you find any of these great teaching tools, post them on the Wiki! If you're scared to post anything to the Wiki, please feel free to email me and I will post it.

Posted by Ashleigh Oatts - Friday, 12/14/2012, 03:51 PM - Comments -