7 Cherokee Delegates Visit London

ETHS Teaching Materials


ETHS Teaching Materials:  ETHS Teaching Materials are student-friendly essays and classroom activities developed by ETHS staff.  The essays and activities are designed based on the Tennessee Social Studies Standards. The downloadable teacher packets also include primary sources and images when available.

Daniel Boone, Wilderness Road and the First Settlers of TN                Teacher Packet 

WORD       PDF

Standards 4.20, 8.20

Key Words: Dr. Thomas Walker, Cumberland Gap, long hunters, Daniel Boone, Richard Henderson, Transylvania Purchase, Wilderness Road, William Bean, Thomas Sharpe Spencer

The French and Indian War and the Fort Loudoun Massacre Teacher Packet

WORD            PDF

Standards: 4.22, 8.19

Key Words:  French and Indian War, Attakullakulla, Oconostota, Fort Loudoun Massacre