ETHS Content Essays, Primary Sources, and Student Activities

Elihu Embree Teacher Packet

Key Words: Elihu Embree, The Emancipator, abolition, manumission

Francis Wright and Nashoba and Virginia Hill and Free Hill Teacher Packet

Key Words: Francis Wright, Nashoba, Virginia Hill, Free Hill, abolition

Houston, Crockett and the War for Texas' Independance Teacher Packet

Key Words: Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, Texas, Alamo, San Jacinto

Indian Removal and the Trail of Tears Teacher Packet

Key Words: John Ross. Major Ridge, Andrew Jackson, Worchester v. Georgia, Trail of Tears

James K. Polk Teacher Packet

Key Words: James K. Polk, dark horse candidate, Oregon, Texas, Manifest Destiny, Mexican War

John Ross Teacher Packet

Key Words: John Ross, Principal Chief, Indian Removal, Trail of Tears

Memphis as the Cotton Capital of the South Teacher Packet

Key Words: Memphis, cotton, Mississippi River

Sequoyah Teacher Packet

Key Words: Sequoyah, syllabary, Cherokee Phoenix, talking leaves

Tennessee's Constitutions

Key Words: 1796 Constitution, 1834 Constitution, 1870 Constiution, Tennessee government, state capital

Tennessee's Economy in the 19th Century

Key Words: agriculture, industry, slavery, steamboats, toll roads, railroads

Tennessee Politics in the 1830s and 1840s

Key Words: John Bell, Newton Cannon, William Caroll, Ephraim Foster, James C. Jones, Hugh Lawson White, Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk.