ETHS Content Essays, Primary Sources and Student Activities

1878 Memphis Yellow Fever Epidemic Teacher Packet

Key Words: yellow fever, mosquitoes, Memphis, quarantine, Martyrs of Memphis

Ku Klux Klan in Tennessee Teacher Packet

Key Words: Ku Klux Klan, Pulaski TN, Reconstruction, freedmen, Nathan Bedford Forrest, voting rights, Radical Republicans

Tennessee's Constitutions

Key Words: 1796 Constitution, 1834 Constitution, 1870 Constiution, Tennessee government, state capital

Tennessee's Constitutional Convention of 1870 and the Election of African-American Legislators Teacher Packet

Key Words:  1870 Constitution, segregation, Jim Crow laws, William Brownlow, Andrew Johnson, Sampson Keeble

The Freedman's Bureau and Fisk University

Key Words:  Freedman's Bureau, Fisk University, Memphis, orphan, school