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Norris Dam Primary Source Sets:

Graves Removal

Difficulties of Displacement

On the Farm

Stooksbury Family Relocation

TVA and the New Deal Lesson Plan
Herbert Hoover Rugged Individualism vs FDR First Inaugural 
Years of Dust, Death and Destruction Lesson Introduction
Years of Dust, Death and Destruction Activity Cards

New Deal Political Cartoons

Family Removal Chart (TVA)

The Grapes of Wrath Excerpts

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The Great Depression and New Deal

Primary source set on New Deal in Tennessee

Library of Congress: New Deal

Primary Source set and Teacher’s Guide from Library of Congress on New Deal

Tennessee State Museum: Great Depression

Resources on The Great Depression from the Tennessee State Museum

Photographs: Smokys

Digital collection of photographs by the Thompson Brothers on the Great Smoky Mountains National Park


Excellent article of the history of eminent domain in the United States

Currents of Change

This website was developed by TVA and has great resources including images and interviews for teaching about TVA and the New Deal

National Archives Exhibit

Exhibit from National Archives Atlanta on TVA

The Grapes of Wrath Lesson Plan