Modern America ETHS Teaching Materials

ETHS Content Essays, Primary Sources, and Student Activities

Alex Haley

Key Words:  Alex Haley, Malcolm X, Roots, 

B.B. King

Key Words: B.B. King, Blues

Columbia Race Riots

Key Words: Columbia TN, Jim Crow Laws, Thurgood Marshall, riots

Diane Nash

Key Words: Diane Nash, Nashville Sit-ins, Jim Crow Laws, Freedom Rider

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock-n-Roll

Key Words: Memphis, Rock-n-Roll, Sun Studios

Famous Tennesseans

Key Words: Alex Haley, Wilma Rudolph, Dolly Parton, Al Gore Jr., Oprah Winfrey

Highlander Folk School

Key Words: Monteagle, TN, Integration, Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Memphis and the Birth of Rock-n-Roll

Key Words: Memphis, Blues, Elvis Presley, Sun Studios

Tent Cities in Fayette and Haywood

Key Words: Fayettte County, Haywood County, Civil Rights, Tent Cities

The Clinton 12 and the Integration of Clinton High School

Key Words:  Clinton TN, Segregation, Brown vs. Board of Education, Integration

The Nashville Sit-ins

Key Words:  Nashville, Sitins, Diane Nash